Bearded Dragon Breeders

Bearded dragon breeders are a dime a dozen.

Meaning, there are hundreds of breeders to choose from. Believe it or not, breeding these creatures takes a lot of technical “know how”, commitment, etc.

Despite what a lot of people think not just anyone can get a male and female bearded dragon and start selling them. It’s not that simple and you have to know about the different morphs, proper care, and deliver them to your customers without harming the reptile.

Atomic Lizard Ranch

Atomic Lizard Ranch

AtomicLizardRanch is one of the most recognizable bearded dragon breeders I have found on the internet. This breeder is located in Bisbee, Arizona. It is owned and operated by Collette and Paul. They have been breeding bearded dragons since 1991. They own a 120-year-old Dutch row house which quickly became their house full of enclosures for their bearded dragons.

The prices for their bearded dragons are reasonably priced. Typically, the cost between $100 to $145. Their website is full of testimonials from their customers. At the time of writing this, there are 96 testimonials for Atomic Lizard Ranch.

They offer a lot of different morphs of bearded dragons:

  • Leatherback
  • Tangerine.
  • Gala Red.
  • Orange.
  • Citrus.
  • Dunner.
  • Hypo Melanistic.

Dachiu Dragons

Dachiu Dragons

Dachiu Dragons is a family owned business that is based out of Pennsylvania. They are a husband and wife team. Their website was launched in 2012. Dachiu Dragons own and operates it’s own bearded dragon breeding facility. You can read all about their facility at:

They constantly go to reptile expos and have a place on their website where you can find out which reptile expo they are going to be attending. There is a lot of helpful information about taking care of bearded dragons on their website, too.

They offer a lot of different morphs of bearded dragons:

  • Belgium Normal.
  • Cawley.
  • Colored Belgium.
  • Blood.
  • Sandfire.
  • Dunner.
  • Colored German Giants.
  • Hypo & Hypo Leatherbacks.
  • Hypo Translucent Leatherbacks.
  • Translucent & HypoTranslucent.
  • Reds.
  • Citrus.
  • Purple Paradox.
  • Witbilts.
  • Genetic Stripes.

Also, you can purchase dubia roaches with them, too. Website

One of the top breeders for buying bearded dragons online. They have over 15 years of experience. They have a quality guideline which they use to rank the quality of their bearded dragon. They base them on the following:

  • Pet quality. The lowest amount of color from a clutch. Usually, this is only 1-2 bearded dragons from each clutch. They typically sell for cheaper.
  • Breeder quality. Typically, these bearded dragons are of “average” quality.
  • Hold back quality. Only a select few come from this group.
  • Collectors quality. These are the most eye-pleasing bearded dragons from the clutch. Most of their breeders do come from this group.
  • Special reserve. The top of the line bearded dragons.

Terri Sommella (the owner) has written a bearded dragon manual which you can purchase from their website, too.

Bearded dragons from are shipped through Fed Ex Next Day Air. They don’t charge a handling fee, either. They do ship internationally, too.

Carolina Classic Dragons

Carolina Classic Dragons

David Freeman operates and breeds bearded dragons which can be found with Carolina Classic Dragons (also referred to as CCD). Their breeding facility is located in Raleigh, NC. What started out as just a hobby quickly became a business in 2007. David has worked with Rick Schwartz who is the president of the Nashville Zoo.

The motto at CCD is “We focus on producing bearded dragons that are strong, healthy, with great temperaments and beautiful colorations.

They even have a special service where they can watch over your reptiles (snakes, turtles, geckos, and of course bearded dragons) for $10 a day.

Here a just few of the breeds CCD has:

  • Hypo Citrus Tiger.
  • Hypo Rainbow.
  • Citrus Hypo Trans.
  • Hypo Dunner.

2 thoughts to “Bearded Dragon Breeders”

  1. We have purchased bearded dragons from Colette at Atomic Lizard Ranch. Overall, it was an excellent experience. Our bearded dragon arrived in 48 hours and was so sweet from the first day we held her.

    But, Colette impressed us because she sent a care sheet on how to take care of them properly.

    Since we have told a couple of our friends about Atomic Lizard Ranch. They too are happy with their bearded dragons. Thanks a lot, Colette!

  2. Dachiu Dragons is awesome! I just got a female bearded dragon from them. The bearded dragon was shipped quickly and was healthy. These guys are very helpful and even took the time to answer my questions about breeding bearded dragons which I plan on doing in a couple years or so.

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